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Investin is the first Decentralized Asset Management protocol live on Solana blockchain that transforms aspiring traders into Fund Managers by providing them a trustless and non-custodial platform for active management of capital. This enables investors to earn passive returns on the capital invested in the funds whilst retaining the custody of their assets.

On-chain visibility

The trading history, positions, Assets Under Management (AUM), and returns performance of Investin's Funds are always transparent. Investors are empowered to make an informed decision before investing, withdrawing, or staying invested in a particular fund by having access to real-time and historical on-chain data.

Fund Managers who have consistent performance on Investin and outperform other managers in the market will be showcased weekly. This will allow them to attract new investments and continue generating higher returns further enhancing the protocol's growth and user adoption.

Protocol Users

  • Managers/Traders:

The driving force and future owners of Investin. They actively manage assets of their Funds to generate returns on the invested capital and attract future investments.

  • Investors

The main enablers of the protocol who provide capital to Funds on Investin. The protocol allows investors to retain full custody as they choose their Manager according to their personal risk tolerance aligning incentives perfectly.

Decentralized protocols integrated

Investin protocol has one of the most composable contract architecture, allowing Fund Managers to interact with almost any DeFi protocol on-chain.

Integerated protocols

  1. Raydium
  2. Mango Markets
  3. Orca
  4. Jupiter Aggregator
  5. Friktion

Future integrations:

  1. Synthetify
  2. Zeta markets
  3. Orca Whirlpools
  4. Tulip Protocol
  5. Solend
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