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Investin is built upon a highly composable architecture that integrates multiple DeFi protocols. This enables Managers with a wide range of DeFi strategies to be executed through their Funds such as token swaps, margin trades, options, lending, and liquidity mining (farming).


Enabling funds to trade in multiple tokens and fetch prices dynamically on-chain for accurate performance computation. Token swaps powered by:

  1. Raydium protocol: All tokens listed on Raydium can be traded through Investin Funds but to prevent malicious actors from exploiting the funds by listing and trading fake/valueless tokens we maintain an expandable token whitelist.
  2. Orca protocol: All tokens listed on Orca can be traded through Investin funds. Orca whitelists their trading pairs however Investin will further investigate before allowing them to be traded through Investin Funds.
  3. Jupiter Aggregator: The leading liquidity aggregator on Solana powering Investin's swap engine to give best prices on every swap.
  4. Project Serum (...soon)

Margin Trade

Allowing funds to long or short tokens with leverage to achieve a desired position with available capital. Margin trades powered by:

  1. Mango Markets: Defi hedge funds can take advantage of Solana's leading perp protocol to access leverage upto 10x on BTC, ETH, SOL and AVAX perps listed on


Allowing Funds to lend tokens and generate yield through the most promising lending and leverage trading/farming protocols. Lending powered by:

  1. Mango Markets
  2. Solend (...soon)
  3. Solfarm (...soon)


Allowing Funds to provide liquidity and stake AMM LPs earning LP fees and farm reward tokens creating greater yield opportunities and balance for Investin Funds. Farming powered by:

  1. Orca (...soon)
  2. Saber (...soon)


Allowing Funds to access options and hedge against volatility in different crypto assets or generate yeilds through covered calls, cash secured put strategies and much more.

  1. Friktion : All vaults deployed on Friktion are available to deposit through defi hedge funds and access yeilds that are generated through diverse market conditions
  2. Zeta markets (...soon)
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