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Types of Funds

Defi Hedge Funds

Highly composable funds with capabilities to integrate almost any on-chain protocol. This allows them generate stable yields irrespective of market conditions. Investin's unique architecture integrates custom strategy contracts that utilize multiple on-chain protocols to capture the best possible yields.

Mango based Funds

Mango based funds allow pooling of investments that can be traded through a delegate address on Fund managers can manage the investments by interacting with the Mango UI or program and experience full-fledged margin/perp trading with all the bells & whistles on Mango using the pooled funds. Accounting is handled by Investin contracts which allow timely withdrawals in two ways(soft withdrawals and hard withdrawals).

Selective transfer from router vault

This feature enables fund Managers to accept investments from wallets of their choice. This gives Fund Managers the option to follow the KYC/AML guidelines of their country of residence. Fund Managers have the option to accept all investments or be selective about their Investors.

Referral fee on Mango markets and limit orders

All trades routed through Investin funds get a 4% fee discount thanks to Mango's referral program integrated into Investin and limit orders get fee rebate as well.

DAO funds, Quant funds, Investor stoploss and limit/stoploss orders coming soon....

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